5.2. For Users

A lot of clients exists and you may be lost. We will see here which solution MySecureShell Team recommand.

5.2.1. Desktop clients

For the desktop clients solutions, here is what you can use as user:

Plateform Free Proprietary
Linux FileZilla  
Mac OS Cyberduck Transmit
Windows WinSCP WebDrive

All those solutions have been tested and works well. Of course a lot of others exists be we unfortunately didn’t had the time to test them.

5.2.2. Mobile clients

For mobile clients solutions, you can use:

Plateform Free Proprietary
Android AndFTP TurboFTP

5.2.3. Command line

With command line, you can easily do it as whell with sftp command:

> sftp user@host
Connected to user@host.

You can look at the man if you want additional commands.